About Us
Name and its Significance: The partners of the firm have decided to name the firm as ‘M/s. Upasana Associates’ as the term ‘Upasana’ is a Sanskrit Word which means worship or Penacement. The idea behind establishment of M/s. Upasana Associates is to provide our best possible professional services to the needy person/s at all times by dedicating our ‘self’ to the cause of the noble profession which has its glorious tradition with nobility attached. Upasana associates principally aims at serving our clients with truthfulness, purity, modesty and refined intellect and outlook.
The real meaning of ‘Upasana’ could be attained through serving the ‘Upasya’ by the ‘Upasaka’. Upasya means persons who are close proximate, servable, deserving and respectable i.e., the Clients. Upasaka is the Agent who serves the Upasya to attain Upasana i.e., the Advocates. Upasana is the combination of Upasya and Upasaka to achieve the ultimatum. ‘Association’ is the conglomeration of likeminded individuals with common goal and purpose. The ultimate aim and goal of Upasana Associates is to worship god by serving the humanity. The principle intendment behind the establishment of Upasana Associates is to attain perfection through complete devotion and dedication to the allotted work i.e., Advocacy. By saluting our gurus and the guruparampara and keeping in mind the immense contribution of our parents, elders and well wishers and thanking them for their selfless contribution and assuring them of marching ahead in right direction, we have decided to name our firm as ‘Upasana’, which itself shall be the guiding force in all our actions and remind us the true intention behind the establishment of Upasana Associates. The young and experienced associates of Upasana Associates are intending to serve needy persons through the medium of ‘Law’.
Motto and Heritage: The motto behind the establishment of M/s. Upasana Associates is to cater the diversified needs of our clients under one roof by offering our best possible professional services keeping in mind the traditional ethos and values of the noble profession. Integrity, honesty, sincerity, industriousness, professionalism, complete dedication, equal treatment, commitment to work, maintenance of professional dignity, confidentiality and utmost secrecy are the basic pillars on which Upasana Associates is founded.
M/s. Upasana Associates is established as a partnership firm in the Year 2003. The firm is under the supervision of its Partners Sri. S.Subrahmanya, and Sri. S. Shiva Shankara. M/s. Upasana Associates, in a short span of 6 years is providing value based quality assistance to its clients. M/s. Upasana Associates today, is not only a conglomeration of young and experienced advocates but also assisted by other qualified professionals and staffs who are responsible for the present growth of the organisation. The Firm is rendering professional services of various descriptions to individuals, associations, institution, corporate and non-corporate sector.
  • Whatever creature comes to you, human or otherwise, treat it with consideration. Distinguish right from wrong and be honest, upright and virtuous.-Sri. Siradi Sai Baba
  • The conflict between fate and free will arises only if we consider them as two different things. Both are karma or action - fate is the result of past karma, and present karma is free will.- His Holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswamigalu
  • Be not a traitor in your thoughts. Be sincere; act according to your thoughts; and you shall surely succeed. Pray with a sincere and simple heart, and your prayers will be heard.”- Sri. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa