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  • Advocacy is not a craft but a calling; a profession where devotion to duty constitutes the hallmark. Sincerity of performance and the earnestness of endeavour are the two wings that will bare aloft the advocate to the tower of success. Given these virtues other qualifications will follow to their own account. This is the reason why legal profession is regarded to be a noble one. -AIR 1993 SC 1535, J.S. Jadhav v. Mustafa Haji Mohamed Yusuf
  • Honesty, courage, industry, wit, eloquence, judgement and fellowship are seven lamps of advocacy.
    -per Judge Abbot Parry, as summerised by Justice Raj Kishore Prasad in Bar Council of Maharastra v. M.V. Dabholkar AIR 1975 SC 2092.
  • One of our duties as human beings is to avail ourselves of every opportunity to do good to others. The poor can serve others by their loyal work to the country and the rich by their wealth to help these poor. Those who are influential can use the influence to better the condition of the lowly. That way we can keep alive in our hearts a sense of social service. -His Holiness Sri. Sri. Sri. Kanchi Paramacharya