M/s. Upasana Associates with an intention to provide on line legal assistance has opened this Section to answer the short queries of any individual, firm, company, association, person/s with respect to any issues pertaining to laws of India, substantive or procedural, Government Policies and Procedures, and the business opportunities in India and all other issues incidental or connected thereto during the working hours of the firm. Any queries that will be received after the working hours of the firm, the same would be answered on the very next day on priority basis. In order to ensure the requirement of our clients and we have prescribed a format so that we could understand and attend to the requirements of our client effectively and expeditiously. Any interested persons who are willing to get the online service, should furnish the following compulsory information.
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It is very pertinent to note that the clients who avail the on line services should provide correct and true information in this section as the firm advices the customers under the premise that the representations of the clients are true, correct and complete. The advices are without perusing/scrutinising the supporting documents and ascertaining the true facts and circumstances. Unless all relevant documents are perused/verified it may not be possible for the firm to advice its clients completely on certain issue. In any such event, the firm reserves its right to require the client to furnish all necessary particulars and documents in order to ensure best possible legal assistance to them. The firm requests its clients to provide correct information without hiding any material information. The firm assures maintaining of 100% secrecy and confidentiality with respect to identity of clients, information provided/supplied by them and their identity. However, any information provided to any judicial and quasi judicial bodies on their request shall not be deemed to be default by the firm.
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