Our Services
Commercial and Company Law:
Upasana Associates provides comprehensive services that are necessary for establishment, commencement, continuation of business operations in India. The firm assists in matters relating to company affairs including incorporation and registration, acquisitions, taking over, mergers, amalgamations, venture capital transactions, trade related aspects, equity participations, international contracts and agreements, negotiations, corporate restructuring, trade, commercial contracts and all other branches touching the company and corporate affairs.
The firm assists in obtaining necessary statutory and other clearances, permissions and sanctions from various regulatory bodies, government departments and agencies. The firm also provide assistance in matters relating to foreign investments, acquisition of assets, import and export, technology transfers, international trade and business, corporate restructuring and related activities. The firm provides advice, participates in the negotiations and provides services in litigation in any of the aforesaid matters. The firm represents its clients before judicial, quasi judicial and administrative bodies including appearing and representing before the governmental and non-governmental bodies and departments.
Apart from the same, the firm offers its specialised services in the branch of commercial laws which includes the disputes between the partners inter se and partnership disputes with outsiders, enforcement of contractual rights, agency disputes, attornment etc.,