Our Services

Non-Litigation: The firm has got rich experience in non-litigation works. The firm specializes in drafting, vetting, scrutinizing the documents and deeds of diversified nature. The non-litigation team of the firm has rich experience in drafting international contracts and agreements, corporate and inter corporate agreements, share transfer agreements, share purchase agreements, business transfer agreements, joint venture agreements etc., The firm has vast experience in drafting agreements in the discipline of infrastructure development.

Apart from the aforesaid agreements, the firm specializes in drafting sale deeds, mortgage deeds, lease deeds, joint development agreements, memorandum of Understanding, wills and codicils, power of attorneys-general and special, confirmation deed, partition deed, family arrangements, settlement deeds and all other executory agreements and contracts. The firm has rich experience in drafting raising contracts with respect to mines and minerals and other allied services. Apart from the aforesaid deeds and agreements, the firm mainly involved in incorporation and registration of Joint Stock Companies, Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnerships, Trusts, Charitable and Religious Societies, Associations and Institutions, establishment of proprietary concerns etc., The firm also undertakes legal due-diligence, periodical recommendations and prescribes suggestions keeping in mind the changing laws. The firm also undertakes Registration under VAT, and other statutory and regulatory compliances on behalf of its clients.